The first version of the cineosis table was designed in July 2009. The current version was completed in May 2010. The original definition for each of the terms was completed in June 2008, some have since been (slightly) modified. The cinematic examples are published here for the first time. Cineosis does not attempt to explicate any of the proofs for the distribution of signs across the two-fold semiotic table nor their definitions (this has been - and is being - done in essay and book form). Rather, cineosis simply attempts to show the relationship between the signs; define the signs (and their associated terminology); and explore the signs through cinematic images. Each of the signs is where the cinematic readings occur, and link to films explored on the cineosis blog. This is an ongoing project. Not all of the above signs yet link to a cinematic exploration, these are still being encountered. These encounters are the purpose of cineosis.



David Deamer
Manchester: 22.05.2010