Cineosis - the tablature of Deleuze's sign system, the explication of definitions and cinematic examples (cineosis blog) - are the work of David Deamer. Please feel free to use, develop, contradict or argue against, but remember, it is nice to cite.


Further info on the cineosis: Deleuze's Cinema Books - Three Introductions to the Taxonomy of Images - OUT NOW in paperback and real expensive hardback and ebook!




Deleuze's two Cinema books explore film through the creation of a series of philosophical concepts. Not only bewildering in number, Deleuze's writing procedures mean his exegesis is both complex and elusive. Three questions emerge: What are the underlying principles of the taxonomy? How many concepts are there, and what do they describe? How might each be used in engaging with a film?

This book - based on the cineosis project - is the first to fully respond to these three questions, unearthing the philosophies inspiring Deleuze's classifications, exploring every concept and reading a film for each. Clearly and concisely mapping the Cinema books for newcomers to Deleuzian film studies, as well as opening up new areas of enquiry for expert readers.

> An interpretation of Bergson's Matter and Memory through Deleuze's Bergsonism describing the ground of Deleuze's film-philosophy
> A reading of Peirce's semiosis from Pragmatism and Pragmaticism explicating the genesis and components of the movement-image
> An examination of Deleuze's syntheses of time, space and consciousness from Difference and Repetition illuminating the genesis and components of the time-image
> Concise engagements with each of the cinematic signs to assist reading Deleuze's Cinema books, as well as commentaries and monographs that draw upon them
> 44 film readings - one for each cinematic sign - to clarify their application


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 Deleuze, Japanese Cinema, and the Atom Bomb: The Spectre of Impossibility (Bloomsbury, 2014) - which uses Deleuze's cineosis to explore Japanese atom bomb films, and Japanese films impacted by the bomb. Read more (overview and reviews) here.


Deleuze and cinema


Cineosis is based upon the work of Gilles Deleuze's Cinema books:


L'Image-mouvement. Cinéma 1, (1983)
L'Image-temps. Cinéma 2, (1985)